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About Us

About Us


The South Valley Industrial Collaborative (SVIC) is a partnership striving for Community Excellence whose purpose is to provide a platform to build industry-led, industry-driven, and community-supported partnerships that strengthen economies in the South San Joaquin Valley. 


Vibrant Partnerships, Vibrant Industries, Vibrant Communities.

Core Values


We will work together to achieve the greatest long-term benefit for the community as a whole.

Creative Thinking

We will envision success without limitations and then map a specific, attainable strategy for achieving that vision.

Collaboration Without Borders

We are willing to cross political, social and economic boundaries to partner with others in achieving community and regional outcomes. 

Open Honesty

We will honestly and forthrightly share all knowledge, experiences, and insights relative to community work and take responsibility for ensuring our truth is current.

Fact-Based Decision Making

We will base decisions and action plans on objective data, thereby avoiding distortion of issues by personal feelings and agendas. 

Commitment to Resolving Conflict

When conflicts arise, we will value every individual involved regardless of their perspective on the issue and maintain an unwavering commitment to working through the conflict, regardless of its severity. 

Results Oriented

We are willing to take responsibility for tasks and achieving specified outcomes, and commit to staying involved until the tasks are completed.

Asset-Based Approach

We are focused on using a strengths-based, asset oriented approach to people and issues. We believe that positive change occurs when we appreciate, value and invest in what is best in our people and community.

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