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The SVIC is also supported by a grant from The James Irvine Foundation, a private, nonprofit grantmaking foundation dedicated to expanding opportunity for the people of California. The Foundation’s current focus is a California where all low-income workers have the power to advance economically. Since 1937 the Foundation has provided more than $1.87 billion in grants to organizations throughout California. With about $2.3 billion in assets, the Foundation made grants of $95.9 million in 2018.​



South San Joaquin Valley: A Growth Platform for Industries

The South Valley Industrial Collaborative (SVIC) is a partnership for community excellence whose purpose is to provide a platform to build industry-led, industry-driven, and community-supported partnerships which strengthen economies in the South San Joaquin Valley.

The South Valley Industrial Collaborative provides a sub-regional platform for San Joaquin Valley industry and businesses to collaborate and connect with regional, state and national partner organizations to support the region's efforts of being a globally competitive location for manufacturing and industrial jobs.

Key priorities for the SVIC Focus Teams:

  • Talent Acquisition, Development & Retention

  • Policies and Regulations Impacting Business

  • Infrastructure


SVIC - Quarterly Meetings

November 13, 2020

February 20 , 2021

May 15, 2021

August 14, 2021

November 19, 2021

Industrial Summit, Friday, November 13, 2020


Just a few of them!


I am passionate about providing career and professional development to our workforce and community. Being part of the SVIC provides me with the opportunity to collaborate with other business leaders, educators, economic and workforce development agencies; creating opportunities to improve the skill set of our local workforce, support local business talent gaps and attract new businesses to the South San Joaquin Valley.

Human Resources Manager

 Saputo Cheese USA Inc.

Carmen Herrera


Partnerships, whether local or regional, are critical in providing an effective and robust service to support business growth and expansion.

CEO, Kings County Economic Development Corporation

Lance Lippincott


It’s such a pleasure, and a necessity, to help the San Joaquin Valley communities and industries cooperate for the betterment of all, especially in the areas we share in common, like manufacturing and agriculture.

Senior Vice President of Human Resources , California Dairies Inc.

Lowell Richardson

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We always accomplish much more – much faster by working together to solve common problems. This Summit brings together the best minds in manufacturing, processing and the art of creating things. You are strongly encouraged to lend your expertise and to draw from other attendees.

Past President, Kings County Economic Development Corporation

John Lehn


The Southern San Joaquin Valley is a great place to do business.  Being a part of the South Valley Industrial Collaborative gives our industry partners an opportunity to take advantage of connections to local government, educators, Chambers of Commerce, the Workforce Investment Board and economic development organizations.  These connections give us a voice to address issues that impact our ability to stay competitive and to learn from each other - best practices and ways to improve our efficiencies and lower the cost of doing business.  Please join us as we grow this organization to work for industry in the South Valley.

General Manager, JOANN Stores LLC Visalia Distribution Center

Chairman of the Industrial Advisory to the Workforce Investment Board of Tulare Co.

Bruce Nicotero

devon profile.jpg

The South Valley is a tight knit community where folks work together really well and the SVIC is a great example of that camaraderie in action. I’m excited to see what growth may occur as a result of so many industrial employers and public agencies coming together to advance industrial jobs across the region.

Economic Development Manager

City of Visalia

Devon Jones

Adam Peck.jpg

Our Workforce Board needs industry to articulate specific needs in regards to a skilled workforce. SVIC plays a crucial role in informing the WIB's investments so that we are laser-focused on building the skills of our workforce so that industrial businesses can thrive. 

Executive Director

Tulare County Workforce Investment Board

Adam Peck

Gurminder Sangha, SN - Advanced Mfg 2018

#WorkingBetterTogether is the motto of the South Valley Industrial Collaborative (SVIC) and its partners embody the spirit of its motto and practice it every day.  SVIC is a partnership for community excellence founded on the core principles of the Next Generation Sector Partnerships, SVIC partners are committed to working collaboratively to grow businesses and prosperity in the region. 


South Valley Industrial Collaborative 

Gurminder Sangha


Bruce Nicotero

Chair, South Valley Industrial Collaborative



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